Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zorak in Real Life

I used to be a pretty big fan of Spaceghost Coast to Coast back in the day. This show features a grouchy praying mantis named Zorak. Well, I was able to meet a real life version of Zorak in my own home. He was just as creepy and just as grouchy.
Yesterday morning I went in the garage and turned on the light to find this giant of a bug hanging out right next to where my hand had previously been! I almost touched it!!! I hate bugs more than I hate cats. They creep me out with those creepy little legs and claws. Also, you never know if they are going to jump on you or fly in your hair. Anyway, I ran in and jumped around and did a little freak out dance. Apparently it was disconcerting because my dog ran over to make sure everything was ok. I then made all my clients throughout the day come in the garage and check out, "the most gigantic but you will ever see in real life!" Most thoroughly enjoyed it.

When Ray got home from work Zorak was still hanging out upsidedown on the wall and I asked him to kindly remove him as I hid inside. Ray came back in and told me he tried to "golf" him out with a rolled up magazine but accidentally knocked his head off. Oops!
Spaceghost really was such a funny show.


kellyk said...

oh my gosh i had forgotten about spaceghost! that show WAS awesome. thanks for the flashback.
i'd have flipped out too.

Kara Cole said...

I'm pretty sure in the last part you meant to say "bug" but instead you said "most gigantic BUT". I laughed real loud......

Sandy Krout said...

lol, kara!
wow, i feel like i need to watch an episode of zorak...never even heard of it!

Ray and Monica said...

I'll leave that on there just for you, Kara Cole.