Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Room

Here is little Owen's Room!

The changing table

The crib

The dresser and tiny chair

My chair and his moses basket. Notice the magazine rack behind the place where I will spend many an hour feeding.


The Howards said...

Seriously the coolest baby room I've seen!!! You guys are awesome! I want to come sleep in there. lol

kellyk said...

love!! i always wanted a moses basket! so cool. love the sock monkey and crazy mirror thing over the changing table. you need a footstool for that orange chair. maybe tiny chair will do.

WelchBunch06 said...

Definately the coolest baby nursery I've seen! Awesome job! You will definately want a foot stool to go with your chair. It makes a big difference! So excited for you guys.

Sandy Krout said...

love that orange chair .. so much! i think i need one in each room!! owen's room is bad.