Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Bit Granola

Over the past six months, Ray and I have made some changes to our lifestyle.  We have turned a little bit granola.  It all started when we watched the documentary Food Inc. and realized all the pesticides and hormones and other harmful things that end up on our plates.  We have made slow and small changes but we feel much better about it.
The most shocking and first hand experience I've had with pesticides is on strawberries.  I thought I was allergic to them when after eating them every time my lips would swell up and get these really painful bumps all over them.  The last time it happened was the day before I started a new job.  Pretty embarrassing.  I went to the doctor and the first thing he asked was if I had eaten strawberries.  He told me to try some organic ones 'cause they don't have all the pesticides on them since that was probably what I was actually allergic to.  I had always washed my strawberries before eating them but that's one of the fruits that really holds on to all the bad stuff.  That really creeps me out.  I now eat organic strawberries and they actually taste a thousand times better, and I don't look like I just kissed a swarm of bees.

There is an amazing local company called Old Soul Organics that we have been getting organic produce from.  We get a large 40 lb. crate of food delivered to our house and split it with two other families and it's only $45.  One of our friends went to Walmart and did a price comparison on regular produce and Old Soul was cheaper per lb.  The quality is always incredible.  Most of their food is from local farmers and they have a pretty good selection of meat now too.  You don't get to choose what comes in the box so it's made me try new things that I wouldn't have ever bought.  We just got some red chard and I have no idea what to do with it!

Here is all the food divided out.

Two weeks ago my friend Stephanie and I had the domestic itch and decided to try and make our own laundry detergent.  It was SO easy and fun. 
Here's the recipe:

2 cups grated soap Fels Naptha, Ivory or handmade
1 cup Borax
1 cup washing soda Arm and Hammer makes this
Mix it all together and add 2 tablespoons to a large load of clothes.

All the ingredients were at Harps in Centerton. 
Stephanie had some handmade soap from the healthfood store with essential oil in it so our stuff smells awesome.  I've read that you can add a few drops to the wash but haven't tried it.
It was real fun and super cheap to make.

We aren't planning on going crazy with the whole organic/green living thing.  We still eat processed food and use paper towels but we are trying to be more aware of what we eat and how we are living.  We realized that we can do better.  I don't foresee disposable diapers in our future anytime soon, though.
Anyone else out there a little bit granola?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Sweet Sleep

I never realized how precious a full night of sleep was until I hadn't had one in over 3 months.  Owen has now slept 3 full nights in his room.  Not a peep until 6am.  He is a tiny rock star. 

Here are a few pictures my friend Chrissy took when she was visiting last month.  She is an amazing photographer!

In other news, I have to go to the dentist today.  There isn't much that makes me nervous other than the dentist.  I am an anti-dentite.  Seriously, I'm getting heart palpitations right now just thinking about it.  I would rather give a speach than sit in that leaned-back chair.  At least they have a tv above each chair.  Last time I watched Saturday Nigh Live.  That helped a smidge.  But the first time I went, I was pregnant and sick and the tv was on food network.  I had no idea I could change the channel so I sat there wanting to barf whilst in denty pain.  It was the pits.
Owen has to come with me.  Oh dear Jesus, please give that child a spiritual sleep aid.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We went to Fort Smith this Saturday to celebrate my Great Aunt Jean's 80th birthday. My aunt and uncle and cousins from Denver came down and it was so much fun!! Here are a few pictures taken by Aunt Karen.
An extremely terrified looking Owen with his Great Great Aunt Jean. She is amazing and does not look 80 to me!

Great Granddad holding Owen's little feet.

I love this picture of my Granddad!

Aunt Karen is my favorite! Owen's face cracks me up. Apparenly he is easily startled.

Sweet boy

Playing with Uncle Doyle's goatee.

Making eyes at each other.

Yeah that's right, I posted twice in one day. What's even more impressive is that I'm feeding Owen a bottle with one hand and typing with the other. "Beat that you little trout sniffer!" Anyone know what movie that quote is from?

David Crowder Band - Shine

This video is so incredible! All the lite brite images were done by hand. It took 2,150 man hours, 700,000 pegs, 83 friends and 148 pizzas to make this insane video. What's even more amazing is that there is no computer animation or digital effects.
I didn't have a lite brite as a kid and now I really want one. Owen totally needs one.