Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We went to Fort Smith this Saturday to celebrate my Great Aunt Jean's 80th birthday. My aunt and uncle and cousins from Denver came down and it was so much fun!! Here are a few pictures taken by Aunt Karen.
An extremely terrified looking Owen with his Great Great Aunt Jean. She is amazing and does not look 80 to me!

Great Granddad holding Owen's little feet.

I love this picture of my Granddad!

Aunt Karen is my favorite! Owen's face cracks me up. Apparenly he is easily startled.

Sweet boy

Playing with Uncle Doyle's goatee.

Making eyes at each other.

Yeah that's right, I posted twice in one day. What's even more impressive is that I'm feeding Owen a bottle with one hand and typing with the other. "Beat that you little trout sniffer!" Anyone know what movie that quote is from?


The Howards said...

Cute pics....and Home Alone 2 of course :p

The Howards said...

actually I am may be Grumpy Old Men....

Tiffany said...

Love these sweet pics. I've never seen your Grandad! I totally know that quote, but can't remember what from...