Monday, June 22, 2009

Mini Bucket List

So the other day I started a list of things I want to do in this life. This is just the first draft and will surely be revised but here it is in no specific order.

-Visit every continent (sans antarctica)
-Drive a motorcycle
-Stay with an Amish family
-Watch a surgery
-Write a book
-Learn to surf
-Eat vegetables that I've grown
-Record an album

So there you go, folks. Just a few random things that my little heart longs to experience.



kellyk said...

nice! if i ended up needing a c-section for some reason, i'll let ya come in and watch.

Sajo said...

those are good. amish family and vegetable garden and sky diving are things we have in common. i wouldn't mind to write a book either..

Des said...

if ya need a skydiving buddy, let me know....and trust me veggies that you've grown seriously taste WAY better than those at the store. And should totally record an album cus you are FREAKIN talented woman!!!