Thursday, July 30, 2009


So I've been acting like somewhat of a baby the past few weeks. I get a tad overwhelmed when things go wrong in my life and get well..sad. Last night I had a proverbial smack in the face. A good friend invited me to her friend's 41st surprise birthday party last night to play one of my songs for her. This lady, named Leah, has been battling cancer for the past few years. She has been given a very short time left by her doctors. Her body is completely ravaged by the disease but her spirit hasn't been touched. This woman has a wonderful husband and two small children that she will leave behind if God doesn't do a total miracle in her body. She is unable to do the things she loves and was really good at like playing short stop in softball, running trails with her husband, playing with her children, and caring for her incredible garden. She still smiles despite her situation. She even told me how blessed she is! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be that thankful if my doctor told my husband to put me in hospice care. She has impacted my life in such a huge way. Who am I to complain? I can run around, sing, play the guitar, hike, dance, jump on our trampoline, swim with my dogs, so many things that she can't do. Yet I am the one with the bad attitude. God please change my way of thinking. Make me more like Leah.


coffeygirlb said...

Amen! I needed to hear that....I have NO room to complain. I am happy that the night ended up being a blessed experience for you and proud of you for doing a really hard thing!

Carol said...

That's a great lesson that we all need to learn and practice.

I'm proud of you, Monica. You have a great heart.

Love, Mom