Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Change is Coming

Our lives are about to change pretty drastically in a few weeks. I am aware of this but people keep feeling the need to remind me. I am excited about the change. I want change. We have been just the two of us for over 5 years now and we're ready for a third Malouf. If we didn't expect things to change after bringing home a baby, we would be idiots. The thing that bothers me about people constantly reminding me of the change is that they always say it in a negative way. "Oh you'd better get ready 'cause you're life is about to change!" It's always like a warning of an upcoming disaster. Are kids really that scary? Of course, I realize it's going to be hard and I will be sleep deprived for a good chunk of time. But is it really that bad? I don't know, but I can't wait to bring home the little miracle growing inside my belly right now. A little nervous, but super excited. I love him more than I thought possible and we haven't even officially met yet!


kellyk said...

amen!! a pet peave of mine as well. i often get, while out with 3 boys, "oh bless your heart!" "you have your hands full![in a bad way]" "oh my gosh, 3 boys??? ar eyou trying for a girl?"

oh. my. lord.
i cannot be polite sometimes. i very often will say, "well it's ok b/c i like all my kids. this is what we were going for"


i could almost get those comments if my kids were total hellions when i got them. usually they are being pretty good! sheesh.

off soapbox...

Kristina said...

I understand. I received and still receive those comments on a daily basis. Having kids is incredibly rewarding and demanding at the same time. It is true your lives are about to change, but change is good! We're both getting really close to meeting our little men! EXCITING!!

Carol Jayne said...

Monica, you and Ray are going to be great parents! I'm so excited to meet this little man!

Adelia said...

I too get the "Girl, you have your hands full" when I'm out with our 3 boys. Unless they are willing to help out this mom, I prefer they don't say anything. I have friends whose eyes literally popped out when we said we were expecting our fourth baby. Is that bad??! I never thought I'd have kids and now I cannot imagine my life other than being a momma. I love it. You guys are going to be amazing parents. Some people are just doh-doh's. It's unfortunate that some don't see or refer to babies and children as the huge, amazingly loving, quite hilarious, sometimes frustrating blessing that they are.