Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Spilled the Beans

Literally...I spilled pinto beans last night.

Ray and I had already gone to bed when I realized that I forgot to put up our supper of pinto beans and cornbread. Which was really good, by the way. So I jumped up and went to put it all away. I was trying to get the beans in a freezer bag 'cause I've been freezing stuff for after Owen is born. As I was dumping it in the bag, I thought, "this seems like such a bad idea." It was. The bag tipped over and spilled bean juice all over myself and the floor. Ray heard a splash and a gasp and he jumped out of bed. He thought my water had broken! I was just standing there in a puddle of beans and we both started laughing so hard. As we were mopping, Ray said, "You don't always make the best decisions, do you?" I can honestly say that he is right. I usually realize in the middle of doing something that it's a really bad idea. But then it's too late and I'm covered in bean juice! Oh well, it usually makes for a funny story.


Steph W said...

I can totally picture that happening. Oh Monica...you are too funny! That is one of the many reasons I love ya ;)

Chrissy Galloway said...

Wow no wonder Josh and Ray got along...I can totally hear Josh saying the same thing to me "You don't always make the best decisions, do you?" That is classic!

Carol Jayne said...

You're so sweet, Monica! That's a story you can tell Owen some day :)

Tina Robinson said to tell you that Jennifer Cahoon said "hi!" I gave her your blog address.

I'll be seeing you soon!! Love, Mom