Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nearly Normal

Me at 21 weeks.

I am fully aware of the rediculous amount of time it has been since I posted last. Sorry to those of you who have checked our blog hoping for updates on the baby situation. Hopefully some pictures will make up for my lack previous info. But really I was beyond sick for many many moons and had no desire to type or stand up or eat really do anything. The ship started a slow turn around at about 19 weeks and I feel like the sailing will be smoother from here on out (at least when it comes to barfing). All those pregnancy books and websites were full of crap about when one is supposed to start feeling better. I had waited for week 14 with baited breath just knowing that I'd wake up that day feeling all glowy and wonderful. Nope, not so. Everyone is different, I guess. We are at week 22 and I almost lost my breakfast this morning but I held on and the rest of today has been fine which is a drastic improvement. While being sick is totally the pits, it's absolutely incredible to feel movement and life growing in my belly. It's like I have a little friend with me all the time! Now on to the big news that most probably know but I'm going to make a dramatic announcement for those who dont.

We found out the sex of the baby a few weeks ago.





Poor little guy will probably not appreciate his junk being posted on the internet before he's even born but I can't help it! It's in ultrasound form anyway so it's not really real. :) It may be hard to tell so I'll explain. The picture is a slice so those are his two thighs and it cuts them off at the knee; and there is a little white arrow pointing to his boy parts in between. That is an umbilical cord in the background (he's not freakishly endowed).

In other news, we have chosen a name for the little guy. We're gonna call him Owen Foster Malouf! I picked out the first name and Ray picked out his middle name. I love it so much! We can't wait to meet him. I'll leave you with one more picture of his sweet face.


kellyk said...

i <3 profile u/s shots.
and i love owen. kev was stoked b/c his middle name is owen. i picked gus and kev picked his middle name. great system!! YAY for blogging! and you look freaking precious.

Chrissy Galloway said...

UPDATE! Yeah! You are just cute as a freaking button! I hope I get to come down and June so I can take pictures of you and baby bump Owen before he makes his grand arrival :)

Sandy Krout said...

your belly shot is so adorable!!

coffeygirlb said...

I already knew all of this but it still made me giddy and goosebumpy and almost cry(y), apparently I need to come home stat! I miss you and belly:(

leslie said...

Hi Monica! I've been staying updated through Chrissy. Congrats on the boy! Love his name. You better improve your blogging when they little guy is here...we are all going to want more pictures!

Kristina said...

Yay! Super cute! Congrats on the boy! Owen is a great name! Our boy who is due the beginning of Sept. is still nameless. Have no clue what to call him. I'm hoping we'll know before he is born. You look amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

Hey Monica this is Michelle Pierson. I saved this link when you abandoned Facebook. I just wanted to say congratulations and I hope you get feeling better soon. You are gonna be such a great Mom!

Also, small world....a girl just started working with me on the Air Force Base here in HI who knows you, but knows your older sister (I think) better. Her name is Meghan Whitfield. Nuts. Anyway, take care!