Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Arkansas!

Ray and I went down to Little Rock on Monday afternoon to visit his brother who was in a car wreck the day before.  His injuries are not life threatening but they are serious enough that he was taken from Fort Smith to UAMS for surgeries.  Pray for him if you think about it.  They said it will be about 6 months before he walks again.  I can't even imagine that!

While we were there we heard the news that more storms were going to be heading our way so we decided to leave Tuesday morning to pick up Owen from my parent's house.  My mom is so nice for watching him for us!  Then we heard there were going to be storms in both NWA and Fort Smith so we just decided to stay with my parents.  They have storm shelters at all of the schools there which I think is such a great idea.  I don't know why we don't have those up here.  So around midnight the news said the storm headed to south Ft Sm was showing rotation.  Right after that, the sirens started going off and it was like the sky just opened up and dumped its guts out on us.  We snatched up Owen and got in the car and drove around the corner to Beard Elementary.  It was hailing, raining, thundering, and lightening so bad!!!  Sweet baby Owen did not make a peep.  He was drenched and had been woken up in the middle of the night but didn't cry at all.  The whole time we were in there, he just looked around and was cute.  After about 30 minutes the sirens went off and we went outside.  It was crazy.  Not a drop of rain or anything.  The whole experience was surreal.  It really freaked me out and I don't get too scared of storms.  Tornado sirens are something I have grown up hearing.  I guess it's different when you have a little life to look after.  I am so thankful that God kept us safe.  I am praying for all those who weren't as fortunate.

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Chrissy Galloway said...

SO happy you and your little family are safe too!!! Major dislike Arkansas storms!