Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm a proud husband.

I'm so proud of my wife. She not only has an incredible voice, but a real gift for leading people into worship - to experience the awesome power of Christ. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try out the video camera on my new iPhone 4 (which is way cool). So, I recorded Monica singing the song Lord of Lords by Hillsong. Thankfully for me, Monica didn't know that I was recording this song at church or I would have been in trouble. I just feel so incredibly lucky to have a wife that is as passionate about the Lord as I am. It's really cool.

So, here's the video that I made on my iPhone. Enjoy.


kellyk said...

thank you for posting this! i miss her voice!

Chrissy Galloway said...

uggggg....why will she not record more songs?!?!?!? She is killing me!

I played the last song she recoreded on a vido montage I made for my sister-in-laws baby shower (it's on my blog) tears were flowing in the room!

She is so amazing!

I'm totally stealing this video! :)

Miss you guys!

coffeygirlb said...

me too! Miss it somethin" terble!

The Howards said...

same here! LOVE her voice!!!

Carol Jayne said...

Well, my eye balls are cleaned out now...since I just cried like a baby! That was so beautiful, and I hope you don't mind me putting it on my facebook profile. :)