Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows Eve

My first pumpkin to carve!

So Halloween was pretty fun last night. We partied it up at Matt and Jill's house. Unfortunately my camera batteries were dead so I have no pictures. Lots of other cameras were flashing so hopefully I can get some funny pictures up here soon. I was a mummy and Ray was the archaeologist who unearthed me. Then I killed him. I tied for best costume with James who was Dwight and a dude who was a creepy Fayetteville hippie janitor. Good times at the Schilb's house.

Ray's pumpkin, he's kind of a pro.


coffeygirlb said...

UM, ok....whoa! Ray's pumpkin is impressive, yo! Yours is too, but, i mean, wow! I wish we would have come, costumes or not;( Bummer. Can't wait to see pics, though! See you guys on tuesday.

Desiree said...

Great job guys! Go Ray! Those pumpkins are awesome.

Hey Monica,
I lost your card with em address on it, and have been meaning to ask you each much do you charge to do highlights? If you get a chance, just em me @ and let me know.

Michael said...

Dang bro! Try to put a little effort into it next time! Holloween only happens once a year! :)

(Great gravy, how long did that take?!? Awesome!)