Monday, September 29, 2008

Michelle Phelps

Turns out swimming the right way is kinda hard. I'm practicing again today and will probably be pro by next year. (ha ha!) It's the breathing that gets me. I just need a snorkel or even a little straw would do.


Josh and Chrissy said...

you're such a dork!!!

Brian and Michelle said...

girl--i can barely doggie paddle!! ha!

Hannah said...

Breathing totally gets me too. Scuba diving was my most recent water exposure, and I kind of forgot I couldn't breathe underwater when I got in a pool again.

Leah and I are going to try and see Bobby and Tabitha this week. I actually should have called them today :P

It was so fun to have you visit me! I still love it. And thanks for the call lately, Ray. You guys are good friends.

Carol Jayne said...

If you can tread water, you're doing better than me! I've NEVER been able to tread water.

I'm proud of you for learning to swim the right way. Didn't we take you to Creekmore for lessons when you were little?

coffeygirlb said...

you go girl! better late than never, right!