Friday, February 1, 2008

I Luv Grammar

This is a post that a girl in my online music class wrote on the discussion board.

"Seeing that I have a very little musical background I found all theterms differently than I have heard before. I have just heard the basicinformation. However, with my background in literature I found the waythey identified a lot of the terms similar to sentences very easy tofollow. Throughout all of the reading I found myself trying to carrythis parallel to the structure of a sentence as very benefical to myunderstanding of the elements. One of the things that caught myinterest was the rhyme power just because it reminded some much ofdifferent types of poetry specifical iambic pentameter "

Moral of the post...Don't brag about having a background in literature if you don't know how to use correct grammar. Seriously.



ray malouf said...

Good point. It seems as though a student in junior high could probably write better than her. That's sad. Does she really think she's that good? Wow.

- Ray

Josh and Chrissy said...

Dude I have WAY bad grammer and I could not even follow what that chick was saying!