Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Beginning

I've been sucked in to the world of blogging by friends at Keypoint Church. We went out to eat with the young couples group on Saturday night and everyone was talking about their respective blogs and I kinda got jealous. They all keep up w/ each other's lives and have a little network on here. What the heck, I'll try it.

So I have a plethera of awesome stories about hair. No joke. I thought it would be fun to periodically post a story. The friends that have heard some are always telling me to write them down, so this is where they shall be shared. Stay tuned for "The Wolf Lady"

- Monica


Josh and Chrissy said...

"Wolf Lady"...I don't think I even want to know! When those 2 words are in a sentence together there is no way it can be good!

Carol Jayne said...

It's good to finally see the pictures that inspired the famous "Wolf Lady" haircut!!